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Your One Chance To Make Marmalade This Year - Mark Murphy

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It is that time of year again to make marmalade. I know this because if you visit the your local greengrocer you will see plenty of Seville oranges on the shelves. These bitter oranges are perfect for making marmalade but they have a very short season and if you miss them you won’t see them until this time next year.

Seville oranges are ideal for marmalade as they have a more bitter taste than most oranges and they have a higher pectin content, which will help in the overall making and setting of marmalade. 


(Will make about 8 or 9 lb jars)

2kg Seville oranges (about 18)

4 lemons

2kg light muscovado sugar

2kg white sugar


Wash the oranges and lemons and put them in a large pot and add about 9 litres of water. If you do not have a large pot, divide the recipe by two and make the other batch the following week. Place a plate on top of the fruit to keep them submersed. Simmer this for about 3 hours to allow the fruit to soften.

After this allow the pot and fruit to cool enough to remove the fruit, you can leave over night if you want (make sure to keep the liquid).

 For the next step remove the whole fruit and cut them in half and scoop out the flesh and put into the liquid which was used to cook the oranges. Slice the orange peel finely and put the pips into muslin or a pillow case. 

At this stage put everything into a pot including the muslin cloth tied at the top and bring to the boil. 

Allow this to simmer until it has reduced to about one third. 

Next warm the sugar in a bowl in the oven for about five minutes (this will help to speed up the process of setting the marmalade). You can add the sugar while stirring you can do this  in two or three stages allowing it to dissolve before adding the next. Bring this to a fast boil. Keep it boiling until it reaches setting point. An easy way to determine this is to have a couple of cold saucers in the fridge and simply pour a little on the saucer and place into the fridge and leave for a few minutes. Once you check this after a few minutes in the fridge it will determine if it is ready or if you want the marmalade thicker just leave to boil longer.

Once ready pour the marmalade into hot sterilised jars (simply put them and lids in an oven at 180º for about 10 minutes, remember to do this with all utensils used such as the ladle jug etc.) 

Fill them to almost the top, put the lid on tightly and turn upside down and allow to cool.


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